Is Yoga Good For Artists?

If you make art regularly, you must really enjoy the process. However, this can also take a toll on your body. Since artists have to sit or stand for hours in one place to create art, they can suffer from neck pain, headache, or even muscle cramps.

However, if you are a regular artist, you won’t want your back to hurt since you really need to complete the latest art piece you have started. But if you get tired easily, there are lots of methods for you to keep yourself going, and it does not have to include expensive massages or painkiller pills.

Yoga is one of the most relaxing things you can combine with your art. It opens up your mind to new ideas, slows down your breathing, and lets your body recover from the pain which can occur because of you constantly sitting or standing in one spot.

In addition to combining yoga with art, you can also join Marianne Wells Yoga School to join the regular yoga classes, and take a break from your busy routine to help your body relax.

Stretching Your Neck

You can easily stretch your neck whether you are sitting or standing. You can stretch your neck by dropping your right ear towards your right shoulder, and stretching the left arm outwards. This will help you stretch the left side of your neck. The opposite for the right side of your neck, and you will release all the tension which has built up in your neck.

Keep in mind that you should Take deep breaths for about 8 to 12 times before changing sides.

Standing Stretches

You can do the standing stretches by standing with your feet parallel to the nearest wall. At your shoulder height, Place your fingers on the wall and place the opposite hand on your hip. Start rotating your arm clockwise and counterclockwise for about 12-15 breaths.

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